AI | Data Sciences | User Experience | Design Thinking | Innovation 

I'm a computer scientist with a PhD from the University of Sheffield. As an assistant professor at Computer and Information Science College (CCIS), King Saud University, I lead a variety of research projects, including development of voice-based intelligent agents for healthcare and education (listed in ISCA Women in Speech), and employing machine learning/data science methods to understand social media users’ behaviour and motivation. An accomplished User Experience (UX) researcher, I founded the UX course at King Saud University, and was lead UX instructor at General Assembly, Misk Academy. As an entrepreneur, I developed software and an app for cochlear implant users in Saudi Arabia.

During my work at CCIS, I held various administrative positions. I'm now the head of Public Relation and Media, serving both male and female CCIS departments, as I'm working on building and maintaining a positive public image of CCIS. I'm also the Director of Digital Strategic Partnership Program (DSPP) where I'm working in founding the program by setting and planning the partnership strategy and workflow. In addition, I'm working on establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with external entities that will contribute in creating a better academic and research environment at CCIS.

As an AI consultant, I can help to create AI solutions, mainly chatbots and voice user interface, that assist organizations in delivering better services to their clients. For example, I created an appointment-booking chatbot embedded in Whatsapp Messenger that interacts with business clients to handle their appointments. I'm is also a skilled Alexa skill programmer.

I can also use my expertise in UX design to improve the quality of the organization's digital products by conducting user research and usability studies, and provide full UX assessments to these products. For example, I'm leading a user research project that evaluates Snapchat local use with the aim to improve their usability for Saudi users.

I can also help organizations to get better insights on their products and their activities by conducting case studies that analyse certain behaviour using data science methods. I recently conducted a case study that uses Snapchat data to track the Grand holy mosque visitors and pilgrims activities during Hajj and Umrah. I have experience in analysing different types of data such as video, audio/speech, images and text using computer vision, speech analysis and natural language processing techniques.



  • [July] #talk : Speech technologies to aid people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Data Science Special Interest Group (Saudi Data) (talk video) .

  • [May] #talk : AI Based Art: engagement of the local community with the emerging Saudi art scene using Deep learning, Women in Data Science (WiDS) (talk video) .

  • [May] My colleague Dr. Nora Alragebah and I launched Mundhor,  a research communication platform.

  • [Jan]  Appointed to be the director of the strategic partnership porgram, CCIS, KSU. 

  • [Jan]  Appointed to be the head of Publication Relations and Media Unit, CCIS, KSU. 

  • [Jan]  #Winning Project  : AI Based Art: engagement of the local community with the emerging Saudi art scene using Deep learning, Art in AI (the Artathon), The Global AI Summit (Video).