AI | Data Sciences | User Experience | Design Thinking | Innovation 

Dr. Najwa Alghmadi has over 15 years of experience in developing and leading information technology projects. As a data expert, she has a long experience in data collection methods, quantitative & qualitative analysis and data interpretation and visualisation. She is also an accomplished artificial intelligence researcher who utilizes her three key skills (​creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving)​ to conduct novel, multidisciplinary, and effective research.  Najwa is also a UX practitioner, an academic faculty member, and a social entrepreneur in IT.


She established and currently directs  the Strategic Digital Partnership Program, and the Communication Unit in King Saud University. In those roles, Najwa has greatly practiced leadership, strategic thinking and planning, design thinking and innovation in IT.​ Recently, she successfully completed the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme from Said Business School, University of Oxford, where she practiced how to develop effective leadership skills and explored core leadership themes.


Najwa is an influencer, a creative content creator, a skilled bilingual writer, and a passionate science communicator; she co-founded Mundhor, a computer science communication platform aimed at all society spectra, where she creates ​graphical reports,​ p​odcasts​ and ​blogs​ about computer science. She is also an excellent communicator and public speaker (presented in 50+ national and international venues/conferences). 



  • [Nov] #talk : البحث العلمي في المعالجة الآلية للكلام البشري, CCIS, KSU (Talk video)

  • [Nov] #talk : Computational Creativity: AI and Art, Alfaisal University (slides)

  • [Oct] #talk : User Research, Studio Daal (talk video) (Slides) .

  • [July] #talk : Speech technologies to aid people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Data Science Special Interest Group (Saudi Data) (talk video) .

  • [May] #talk : AI Based Art: engagement of the local community with the emerging Saudi art scene using Deep learning, Women in Data Science (WiDS) (talk video) .

  • [May] My colleague Dr. Nora Alragebah and I launched Mundhor,  a research communication platform.

  • [Jan]  Appointed to be the director of the strategic partnership porgram, CCIS, KSU. 

  • [Jan]  Appointed to be the head of Publication Relations and Media Unit, CCIS, KSU. 

  • [Jan]  #Winning Project  : AI Based Art: engagement of the local community with the emerging Saudi art scene using Deep learning, Art in AI (the Artathon), The Global AI Summit (Video).