Course Description

  • IT 443 - Advanced Human Computer Interaction.
    • This advanced HCI course covers the history, state-of-the-art and contemporary trends of this fast-moving field. It focuses on psychological aspects of the individual user, universal design principles, and User Centered Design (UCD) models. Topics include interactive system development lifecycle and its requirements, major themes and recent trends in HCI, interaction design models, participatory design, Information Architecture (IA), adaptive interfaces, measuring the User Experience (UX), social computing and online communities, mobile computing and issues surrounding the design for smaller screens, ubiquitous computing, Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

  • IT 322 - Software Engineering I.
    • This course is aimed at helping students build up an understanding of how to develop a software system from scratch by guiding them thru the development process and giving them the fundamental principles of system development either with Object oriented technology using UML or with the structured approach. The course will initiate students to the nature of systems analysis and design as a problem-solving activity, describe the key elements of analysis and design, and explain the place of the analysis and design phases within the system development life cycle.​

  • IT 352 - Network Security 
    • The course covers theory and practice of network security giving detailed study of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithms, pseudorandom functions and generators, hashing algorithms, message authentication codes, Key management through Diffie-hellman key agreement & Kerberos, entity authentication through CHAP. The course also provides the students with a closer look into security protocols at different network layers such as SSL/TLS, IP Sec, VPNs, network security devices and designing secure networks. Through the use of lecture, and hands-on tutorials and labs, the key components of Network Security will be discussed and demonstrated.