• iRannan : Computer-Based Aural Rehabilitation, a Remote Monitoring and Training Solution.

  • Project team: Abrar AlSumyer, AlAnoud Bin Drees, Nora AlMadi, Sahar AlFantoukh, Sara bin Mahof'd.


  • Abstract: iRannan project aimed to support home-based auditory training provided to Cochlear Implant (CI) users under the supervision of a therapist. A User Centered Design (UCD) model was approached by the students in order to design iRannan around the needs of CI users in King Abdulaziz University Hospital (KAUH). Requirements were gathered from KAUH therapists and CI users, and refined through series of prototypes to investigate usability and accessibility.  An iOS application and a patient-progress-tracking website were then developed and tested by the students on both therapists and CI users; testing results showed that iRannan can provide a stimulating environment for patient to train at home, and a mean to the therapist collaborates remotely.  The significance was magnified in case of patients who were unable to follow up with clinical therapy due to transportation issues.

  • Achievements:

    • Najwa AlGhamdi, Abrar AlSumyer, AlAnoud Bin Drees, Nora AlMadi, Sahar AlFantoukh, Sara bin Mahfo'd and Yousef AlOhali. iRannan : Computer-Based Aural Rehabilitation , a Remote Montiroing andTraining Soultion, 1st International Conference on Technolog2y Helping People with Special Needs (ICTHP-2013).Febreuray 2013, Saudi Arabia.​

    • iRannan won the 2nd place in IT projects fair 2013. [source].

    • iRannan won then 2nd place in the annual graduation projects
      competition ( sponsored by Advanced Electronics Company and King Saud University). [source].