• Najwa Alghamdi

Images of Research Competition

I have participated with the following figure in the Images of Research Competition organized by Doctoral Academy Conference 2016 in the University of Sheffield. The Image title is Lombard effect on mouth movement.

Lombard speech is a phenomenon where speakers amplify their voice and exaggerate their mouth movements so as to increase their intelligibility when they experience noisy situations. Understanding the visual aspect of Lombard speech is vital in our research, where we are investigating approaches to automatically exaggerate the lip movements of a speaker in a video to support speechreading by the hard of hearing. This image is a visualization of lip contour points tracked from eight speakers speaking in clean, normal conditions (e.g. a quiet office), and in three ascending levels of babble noise (as might be experienced in a busy restaurant) and tone (similar to the tone of a classic TV station signing off scene). The Indian Holi festival provides the inspiration for the visualization: the mouth data clouds resemble the riot of colour powders thrown by revellers at each other in celebration of Holi.

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