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Monset منصت is a smart Quran tutor embodied in a mobile app that helps Quran learners to practice Quran memorization and some Tajweed rules. Monset shall receive the user’s voice recitation for a selected Quran verses and convert it to text to check the user’s error. The speech to text conversion step will be carried out using Google Cloud Platform that provides end-pointed Arabic transcription service (i.e. the words transcription and their duration).

The user will also get a feedback on his/her adherence to the Tajweed rule, Madd المد . Recited word where Madd rules are applied feature a longer duration than read word. Madd threshold will be used to measure the user adherence to this rule. In order to estimate the Madd threshold, the students will carry out an analysis study that will inform this threshold by comparing between Tajweedless Quran recitation, and a professional reader recitation (with Tajweed applied)- the threshold estimation might involve using simple statistical model.

Team members: Abeer Alzuhair, Lujain Alkhamees, Nouf Altalha, Ghada Alqublan, Noura Alrasheed and Najwa Alghamdi

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