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  • [December] #Invited_talk :  Voice User Interface Design. Interaction Design Foundation, Riyadh Chapter.

  • [September] #Invited_talk :  Techie-bits: Saudi ladies in Technology, Panel Discussion on Programming. 

  • [September] #Invited_talk :  Data Science and Entrepreneurship, Panel Discussion, Bayan SCI - Business. 

  • [March-May] #Lead_instructor : User Experience Design course, General Assembly, Misk Academy.

  • [April] External examiner for Data Analysis, MSc projects, Prince Nora University.

  • [March] #Invited_talk : Data Science in Speech Communication, WiDSRiyadh at KACST.


  • [December] #Mentor : at MIT Saudi Grand Hack.

  • [November] #Invited_talk : Visual Speech Enhancement. Seminar series for IWAN. King Saud University. 

  • [August] #Invited_talk : Voice User Interface. KACST SIGCHI chapter's Summer School on HCI research method.

  • [July] #Mentor :  a number of research projects in KACST-Mawhiba summer enrichment program -- a joint program between King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)  and  the Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba). 

  • [March] #Invited_talk : Visual Speech Enhancement. Seminar series for SPandH (Speech and Hearing group). University of Sheffield (2018). 

  • [February] #Invited_talk : Visual Speech Enhancement. Joint Seminar series for the ‘Engineering and Materials’ and ‘Computing and Informatics’ Research Centers, Nottingham Trent University. 

  • Feb Famelab Sheffield heat (won second place); Manchester regional heat. 

  • June Video Enhancement to support speech-reading. L'ORÉAL-UNESCO FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE AWARDS CEREMONY PHD POSTER COMPETITION [poster][abstract].

  • June Simulating the Visual Lombard Speech. UKSpeech 2016 Conference at the University of Sheffield [poster][abstract].

  • June COM Away Day- PhD students poster compitition- won first place [poster].

  • July  Investigating the Impact of Artificial Enhancement of Lip Visibility on the Intelligibility of Spectrally-Distorted Speech. UKSpeech Conference at the University of EastAnglia [poster][abstract].

  • June  Poster presented at the University of Sheffield Engineering Symposium (USES 2015).

  • June   Poster presented DCS Research Retreat- an honourable mention was received [pdf] .

  • May 2014  DCS Research Retreat-won second place. [pdf]


1. ​ The Saudi Ministry of Education, King Saud University.

2.  The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC project AV-COGHEAR, EP/M026981/1).

3.  Faceware Tech.

4. The European Community 7th Framework Programme Marie Curie ITN INSPIRE (Investigating Speech Processing in Realistic Environments).